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Testimonisals from our Parents and Carers

"Go for it!" 

- Parent

"Classes you will love."

- Parent


"Being part of a group, helps very much with social communication and independence. To become more confident, Learn new creative skills. Meeting new people, and exercising."


"Remix is a good vehicle to explore potential opportunities for people with learning disabilities who have interest/talents in the performing arts."


"Inclusive social group that offers lots of fun. An activity daughter enjoys, makes her happy and smile. To watch performances of all the creative skills they are taught and be part of the acts to act, sing & dance to bring out their confidence."

Suport worker

"Social, enjoyment and fulfilment!"


"Great opportunity for my daughter to perform and socialise in a great enviroment."


"A chance for individuals to thrive. With social, enjoyment and fulfilment."


"Sign up without hesitation. The sessions are fun, friendly and creative and the young person may discover talents they didn't realise they had."
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